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Simple and Fun

Living a healthy life shouldn't be a chore. Having energy, feeling happy, and maintaining a healthy weight can all be achieved without deprivation or torturous regiments. I believe in a measured approach to sustainable health. Any plan you won't follow, won't work. Let the joy be in your journey not just your destination. 

Nutrition Consultation

Hi I'm

Melissa Weatherall RHNP

I'm very pleased to meet you. It is my passion to help people reach their optimal health so that they can live a life filled with energy and joy. People come to me for many unique health goals, but the one thing all of my clients share is a desire to feel good physically as well as emotionally. Through my life experience and education I've picked up more than a few tricks. Please take a moment to watch the video of my story, which might show you that I've been where you are right now, and figured it out.  

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DiscoveryĀ Call

I fully understand that making that decision to trust your personal health mission to be guided by someone is a big decision. Spending 20 minutes on the phone to be sure I am a good fit for you is something that I would love to offer to you, no charge, no obligation.

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Finding Balance

If you are ready to walk out of the noise, the confusion, the constant feeling of being pulled in a dozen directions, it's time to Find Balance. My Finding Balance consult is about finding out where you are at, and where you need to be, then bridging that gap with experience and trust.Ā 

When you register for Finding Balance we will begin with a questionnaire which will collect some basic information. I will use this information to guide our one-hour private consultation and then provide you with a nutrition and lifestyle guide to get started as well as a full pathway plan.Ā 


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Balanced BeginningsĀ 

Just getting started, or just a little off track, the Balanced BeginningsĀ  coaching package will put you on track. Let Melissa know what your struggle points are, possibly weight, energy, aging, Melissa will work out a plan tailored just for you. This plan is designed to get you organized and guide you step by step for your first 30 days. You can find out more by scrolling down, or by booking a FREE 20 min call with Melissa.Ā Ā 


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Balanced PlusĀ 

The Balanced Plus coaching package is for a person looking for a little insurance. This plan comes with all the features of the Beginnings plan, but extends your support to three months, and adds some great features. With this plan you get more one on one, as well as our eight pillars of health training. We also add a 3 month membership to Meal Plans so you're never out of healthy ideas. Find out more about this plan by scrolling down, or by booking a FREE 20 min call with Melissa.Ā 


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"After feeling sluggish, tired and achy for awhile I went to the doctor.  With the usual routine checkup and blood work everything was normal.  Unsatisfied I had a consultation with Melissa.  After some reading into my blood work Melissa made some supplement recommendations, a meal plan suited for my lifestyle and preferences and suggested some exercise.

I’m pleased to say after a few short weeks I feel so much better. I highly recommend Melissa.  She is passionate and cares about her work and helping others feel their best."

Thank you Melissa

Dawn K

Choose The Coaching Plan That Is Right For You.

My private coaching plans give you three starting points. Each plan is a little different, and we can talk about tailoring a little more to meet your exact needs. I also offer services such as food intolerance testing, and hair mineral analysis. The best way to determine where to start, and if I am the person you will trust to guide you to your goals is to book a free discovery call. On this call you will get the opportunity to speak to me about your current situation, and goals. I will make some recommendations and allow you to decide how and when you wish to proceed. 

Take some time to look at my plans, and I'd love for you to watch my personal story video to get a better understanding of who I am, and how I coach. I also have many programs, and group coaching options available, all of the information can be found on my website.

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Kick Start Your Health

4 Week Plan

We all get a little off track, we all need a little help. Balanced Beginnings will allow you to work one on one with Melissa Weatherall RHNP to uncover those hidden road blocks that are preventing you from enjoying optimal health. Melissa will help you understand why you struggle with weight, lack energy, feel stress, or other health issues. You'll receive a plan, a guide, some foundation knowledge and support for your first 30 days. 

Balanced Beginnings

$200 includes HST

Top features

  • Assessment & Consultation
  • 30 Minute Plan Review
  • Wellness Guide
  • 1 Meal Program
  • Fullscript Account

Free Discovery Call

For more information about booking a FREE discovery call with Melissa Weatherall RHNP click the link below. We can chat via email or phone, whichever works for you.Ā 

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Add A Little Insurance

3 Month Plan

Everything starts with good intentions and ambitious plans. What usually happens is unexpected "life" gets in the way. The Balanced Plus coaching plan adds additional time, training, and support to your plan. First we triple the follow up private coaching (3x 30 mins). We've added three months of our Meal Programs membership site so you can improve your healthy cooking skills. We'll set you up with a Fullscipt account to take advantage of our discounted supplements (if you choose to), and to top it off you'll receive our text/email support for three months.  

Balanced Plus

$484.77 includes HST

Top features

3 Months Support

  • Consultation
  • Protocol Delivery
  • Wellness Guide
  • Foundations Training
  • 6 Bi-Weekly Follow Up Calls
  • Product Discounts for Life

Free Discovery Call

For more information about booking a FREE discovery call with Melissa Weatherall RHNP click the link below. We can chat via email, phone, or Zoom, whichever works for you. 

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We can't buy time, but we can add quality to the time we have.

Forget all the things you wish you did, or wish you didn't do in the past. The past can't be changed, and the future is not yet decided. The choices you make from this point forward will determine who you will become, not who you are

Not being satisfied with where you are doesn't mean your life is a big failure, it just means you have a choice to make. You can carry on with the same old, or you can find a better version of the life you're currently living.

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Megg D

Melissa is an amazingly supportive woman. I went into her office and was greeted by a woman who truly cared about what I needed help with. She created a meal plan for me which included some fun new recipes. She is thorough and offers lots of reasonable but good suggestions. I will continue to look to Melissa for support through my ongoing healthy and wellness journey.

Thanks Melissa!

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Fiona M

Melissa has helped me so much.  With her help and encouragement, I now prep good food for the week, sleep better all around.  I have lost almost 10 pounds in the month since I first met with her.

 Thank You Melissa!