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The Knowledge, And Support To Get You Where You Want To Be

Programs for every situation, budget, and schedule. 


Meet Melissa Weatherall RHNP

I'm very pleased to meet you. It is my passion to help people reach their optimal health so that they can live a life filled with energy and joy. People come to me for many unique health goals, but the one thing all of my clients share is a desire to feel good physically as well as emotionally. Through my life experience and education I've picked up more than a few tricks. Please take a moment to watch the video of my story, which might show you that I've been where you are right now, and figured it out.  


Educational and Fun

Our personal health shouldn't be complicated, but when you combine big business marketing with fad diets and exercises the world becomes a tricky place to navigate. Our programs will put you on a straight path with easy to follow systems that address your "whole" health, not just one piece of it. Simple, sustainable, and supported are the secret ingredients we use to make your goals possible. 

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Our personal growth is enhanced when we learn and share with others, but learning with others doesn't always meet our schedule, or our comfort level. My DIY programs are primarily self paced, and self directed, but you will be given access to our support group and our community to allow you to enhance your experience, develop faster, and make the journey enjoyable (which keeps you engaged). Participation is optional... but studies show that the more engaged you are, the more you will retain, the quicker you will progress. 

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The 4 Day Weight Loss Reboot

One Week

This foundation level program is perfect for the overloaded woman looking to kick start their health and wellness journey. In this program you will be guided through a journey of knowledge related to weight management, and mindset. This program will fit your schedule with self directed learning modules, and will give you the full support of our group, and instructor as you need it. 

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Balanced Basics Program

One Month

The Balanced Basics program is perfect for people who are ready to take the first steps towards feeling great. This program is designed for people looking for more energy, improved weight management, and a new much improved mindset. In a very short time you'll be on your way to having a solid foundation of Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset. This program is designed to take 30 days to complete, but is fully flexible to work inside your schedule with self directed learning modules supported by our group and instructor.   


All The Tools You Need To Get Started On Your Optimal Health Journey

Are you a carrying a little extra fluff? Feeling a bit low on energy? Need to get your mind out of the "I'm not happy with where I am" gutter? The 4 Day Reboot is a perfect starting point. With a low investment, flexible schedule, a wealth of knowledge and team support you can put the brakes on feeling bad and turn this ship around. Your health should never wait for a better time, this is the time for you to feel like you're living not just alive. 

Four Day Reboot


One Week Program Available Now

  • Fits your schedule.
  • Learn how to manage your weight
  • Improve energy through nutrition
  • A step-by-step guide with lessons
  • Facebook group support
  • Instructor support
  • Lifetime access to program documents

Let's Build A Foundation That Will Last. Let's Build It With All The Right Pieces

Have you done that diet, tried that workout, used that supplement, only to end up back where you started? You're not alone. The only way to find, and maintain health is through a great foundation built on knowledge, and nurtured through support. Balanced Basics is about Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset, each of which are critical to sustained wellness. If your health isn't your top priority, then all those "other things" in life will just keep dragging you down. Embrace your health, embrace life, it's to late to start yesterday so let's do this today.  Click the image below for more information.

Balanced Basics


One Month Program Do at Your Own Pace

  • Fits your schedule
  • Learn to manage your weight 
  • Improve energy through nutrition
  • Mindset training
  • Learn about sugar
  • Learn about gut health
  • Learn about protein
  • Learn about carbohydrates
  • Learn the importance of movement
  • Step by step guide with lessons
  • FaceBook group support
  • Instructor led program
  • Lifetime access to program documents