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I work privately with clients both in my office and virtually. For more information click below.

Group Programs

Our group programs are a great way to gain knowledge, and reach your goals. Affordable, flexible, and fully supported. For more information click below.


Our accountability group includes training, and support, is cost effective, and keeps you focused on reaching your goals. Click below for more information.

Self Directed

In our Balanced Wellness Learning Center we offer self directed learning through digital courses. We also host learning events at our office or virtually.

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Are you holding on to extra pounds, struggling with energy, or lacking sleep? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can  help you.

Book a FREE discovery call and let's chat about your wellness goals and how I can help get you there. 

Melissa Weatherall RHNP was voted Readers Choice Favorite Nutritionist 2020  

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Our gut (stomach) is our second brain. We all know about its role in digestion, but many of us don't fully appreciate our guts role in our immune system and overall health. My FREE Leaky Gut 101 guide is a perfect starting point to get your gut back in shape.

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Melissa has helped me so much.  With her help and encouragement I now prep good food for the week, sleep better all around.  I have lost almost 10 pounds in the month since I first met with her.  Thank You Melissa!


Melissa is an amazingly supportive woman. I went into her office and was greeted by a woman who truly cared about what I needed help with. She created a meal plan for me which included some fun new recipes. She is thorough and offers lots of reasonable but good suggestions. I will continue to look to Melissa for support through my ongoing healthy and wellness journey. Thanks Melissa!


After feeling sluggish, tired and achy for awhile i went to the doctor.  With the usual routine checkup and blood work everything was normal.  Unsatisfied I had a consultation with Melissa.  After some reading into my blood work Melissa made some supplement reccomendations, a meal plan suited for my lifestyle and preferences and suggested some exercise.

Im pleased to say after a few short weeks I feel so much better. I highly reccomend Melissa.  She is passionate and cares about her work and helping others feel their best.

Thank you Melissa


Certified Since 2018

When you see these seals it means the practitioner is a Registered Professional. This can be either a "Registered Health and Nutrition Coach"or a "Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner". Both of these are governed by a professional organization that is there for YOU as the client. It indicates that the practitioner you choose to work with has attended an accredited school that meets very strict curriculum requirements.

Every year we are committed to continuing education and updating our knowledge on the newest research and updated information in order to maintain our registry status.


The content found within this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.  You are encouraged to consult your physician or health care provider.



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I always give my honest opinions on products and services, beliefs and experiences on anything I try or use.  
I will on occasion make a small commission on affiliate links, sponsored posts and advertising from third party sources.  These advertisements may not always be identified as paid or sponsored.

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