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Use your own physiology to determine how to optimize your wellness. 



Guided every step of the way by someone with knowledge and passion.



Correct hormonal imbalance, manage weight, optimize health.


This program is different because it recognizes that a one size fits all approach to health would only work if people weren't so darn unique and incredible!


Particularly for woman as we age our hormones change, our organs function less effectively, and our cells experience reduced abilities to repair and rejuvenate. Health is about more than weight management, it's about reducing inflammation, increasing our energy, balancing our hormones, getting the right amount of sleep, and much more. 

We could keep doing those one size fits all diet and exercise programs, and maybe eventually something might click, if you throw enough darts at the board eventually one will stick right..

With Metabolic Balance you can skip the guessing, stop wasting money, toss the cookie cutter fads and experience a science based approach to health. You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Join today to unlock the potential of tomorrow. 

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What is Metabolic Balance? 

Metabolic Balance® is an innovative all-natural meal planning program that helps you maintain success with long-term weight management. 

The foundation of the program is Metabolic Balance’s unique capability to develop a truly personalized meal plan based upon an analysis of your 36 unique blood values, diseases, medications and personal dietary preferences. Your personalized meal plan acts as your “road map,” and it indicates exactly what foods you should eat in order to  reach your desirable weight goals. 

What’s great about Metabolic Balance® is that it’s 100% natural! There are no injections, pills or drugs, replacement meal shakes, or proprietary foods. At the same time, you’re not required to track “points” or count calories, like with some diets. Instead, all the nutrient-dense foods on your personalized meal plan can easily be purchased at your local grocery store or farmers’ market. 

You aren’t alone on the Metabolic Balance® program. Throughout the four phases (preparation, strict conversion, relaxed conversion, and maintenance) of your program you are supported by Melissa Weatherall RHNP .

I will help guide you toward reaching your ideal weight, as you avoid yo-yo dieting and embrace your new healthy lifestyle. On this meal plan you will truly realize the levels your body can achieve with just a little help. 

It is chemical-free, cost-effective, and simple—all the right elements needed for your success…

Metabolic Balance® has served over 1 million people, and now we look forward to serving you! 


Please note: Metabolic Balance® is not a medically supervised program. The Metabolic Balance® plan and system is designed to help individuals lose weight and achieve a new lifestyle. It is a meal planning program only and in no way represents a medical treatment or medical advice. The program does not constitute a medical product or service and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease. It does not accommodate for physical or medical conditions, food allergies or the taking of any medications. All medical conditions and your current health status should be discussed with your physician prior to beginning this, or any other, weight loss program.


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Results You Can Count On

Even with a program as scientifically based and proven over time across the globe your results can still differ based on how closely you follow the program among other factors. People who complete the program as designed can expect to notice improvement in the following. 

Weight Loss

15-20 pounds is the average weight loss over the 12 week program, some people have experienced as much as 20 pounds lost in the first 14 days.

Gut & Liver Health

This clean eating program incorporates foods that are easy to digest which helps ease the demands on your liver and digestive system. This allows organs to heal which can reduce bloating gas.


This program uses low glycemic foods which help your bodies response to sugar and managing insulin, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol.

Hormone Balance

Improves PMS, acne, heavy bleeding, cramping, PCOS, can be useful to support and prepare for fertility.



Less Pain & Inflammation

With weight loss and fewer inflammatory foods being eaten your body will reduce inflammation both related to diet and load baring strain. 

Improved Energy

Through increased consumption of healthy nutrient dense foods participants bodies will have a high quality energy source, and experience better sleep through improved digestion which will also improve energy. 

Improved Mood 

By healing the gut our body is able to generate more serotonin and dopamine. This combined with the guidance of your coach will improve your ability to cope with stress, and develop healthy relationships with people, food, and substances. 

Glowing Skin & Vitality

This plan has reported improvements in acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 


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