Success Requires Collaboration.

We Love Our Affiliates,

and Being An Affiliate

We truly couldn't do what we do without friends, and collaboration. The lessons we learn from others, and the lessons we share with others, along this journey we are truly blessed by both. 

How We Choose Affiliates

An affiliate to us is like an extension of ourselves. We won't even consider working with another company as an affiliate unless they:

  • Have high ethical standards.
  • Have a high quality product that is healthy, ethical, and environmentally responsible.
  • The products they sell must be inline with our customers needs, wants, and values. 

We are exposed to many companies through our own personal lives, and through business interaction. We never become an affiliate until we have personally used the products, and would stand behind them like they are our own. Below you will see the companies that we fully stand behind and feel add value and quality to our friends, family and customers lives. 



Tranont, Backed by Science, We Followed our Gut.

Good health starts here 

We believe that keeping the body’s gut in balance isn’t just a good gesture—it can have a profound impact on your skin, mood, weight, immunity, brain health, and overall well-being. Tranont’s innovative products combine gut health with a full spectrum of other benefits for a whole-body approach to wellness

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Alcami All day focus energy and calm. 

Caffeine-free energy without jitters. 

  • 10X The only supplement in the world with 10.1 concentration for powerful effects you can feel
  • 9 Powerful and legendary ingredients that when consumed together create a synergetic magical effect in your mind and body
  • Blended with coconut powder and real monkfruit for maximum creaminess and taste
  • Full spectrum, wild crafted mushrooms fruiting bodies
  • Easily blends into drinks, bowls smoothies and hot beverages, with an incredible flavor profile
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Fullscript Professional-grade Supplements

As hard as we try- the truth is we are in most cases leaving our bodies deficient in some of the things we need for optimal health. Supplements are a great way to bridge that gap, but in a market place filled with wide ranges in quality and cost we can easily become both frustrated and short on cash. 

If you are interested in high quality professional grade supplements at discounted prices, delivered to your door only when you order them, then fill out my request form, and let me get you all set up. 

Register for Melissa Weatherall Community Fullscript Access.

After receiving your information we will contact you with your access link, and details of your discounts. 

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Kajabi All in One Platform

Teach, Inspire, & Grow The Way We Do With The Kajabi Platform.

Our business would never have reached the point we are at without the incredible all in one Kajabi platform. From our website, to email, marketing, sales, and content delivery Kajabi does it all, The support team is the best, and the community is second to none. Try it free for 30 days, and if you aren't as convinced as I am, no worries, there's no commitment. 

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My Favorite Amazon Products

My first rule when shopping has always been shopping local. But when you just can't find what you need, and you're looking for fast and affordable check out my Amazon favorites!

Mel's Amazon Favs

Melissa Weatherall RHNP Affiliate Program

Join Our Team, Spread Wellness and Earn Passive Income

As an affiliate for Melissa Weatherall RHNP you have an opportunity to improve the health, and happiness, and longevity of peoples lives, while earning passive income. For more information contact us through the no obligation form below. 

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Good Food.  Real Fast


Cooking good food should be simple.  With Epicure it is.  Wholesome blends, timesaving cookware and easy to follow recipes, you can create healthy, crave worthy meals in 20 minutes or less.


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