The Two Faced Friend You Don't Know You Have

healthy living May 06, 2021
Have you ever had that friend, you know that special I want to spend time with you everyday we'll always be together friend? Then one day you find out they aren't who you think they are, and you know life will never be the same. Well I need to tell you something, dairy is that friend.
Let me explain. I am not writing this blog to start a frenzy of heated debates. I simply want to educate you so you can get in touch with your own body. We are all individuals which means what works for one- doesn't necessarily work for everyone.
When our body starts giving direct hints that things aren't right its time to really listen. And this can mean having to dig deep, and get serious.
There are a few foods that can make life challenging for some people.
Wheat, dairy, corn, eggs, canola oil and even "natural flavours" aka MSG can be causing havoc in your body.
But today I am talking about dairy.
The term "Dairy" refers to foods that are produced from the milk of mammals such as goats and cows. Anything that is made from milk including cheese, yogurt, cream, butter and ice-cream is considered dairy.
It is a difficult thing for many people to get real about! Most of us grew up having dairy as a staple in our lives. And of course we were always told that milk helps our bones grow strong. (insert eye roll here please!)
But with many things in life- new research comes out and things change.
I believe in balance but when your body is screaming at you and by screaming I mean showing you symptoms that something is out of whack its time to pull up your socks and dig in and be your own detective...or go to a trusted Naturopath or Nutritionist and work out the issues.
The thought of living without dairy at first is overwhelming. No more yogurt, or cream in your coffee, what can I use instead of butter? And how in the world can I go without cheese??! ( cheese is the hard one for me!) and frankly aside from a bit of butter, cheese is the only dairy I consume.
When I tell you that dairy can make your life miserable I am not being dramatic!
It can make your liver sluggish which prevents toxins from leaving the body. It can put stress on your pancreas which can cause insulin resistance.
If you are an individual who is sensitive to dairy it can create a problem where your body has difficulty absorbing nutrients in foods because your digestive tract is inflamed.
If you experience any of the symptoms I list below; it would be wise to take dairy out of your life so you can heal your body.
*hypothyroid or hyperthyroid
*stomach cramps-stomach pains
*pre-fatty liver
*sluggish liver
*heart palpitations
*menopause symptoms
*poor circulation
*hair loss
*post nasal drip
*cravings for sweets
*candida overgrowth
*hot flashes
*body aches and pains
*joint pain
*body aches and pains
*eye watering, eye dryness, blurry eyes, eye floaters
*ringing or buzzing in the ears
*emotional eating
*hormonal imbalances
*brain fog
*clogged ears
*histamine reactions
*difficulty swallowing
*digestive discomfort
*weight gain
Balanced Wellness is a way of life for me, and one I believe in. But when my body isn't in homeostasis and things are out of balance its time to go back to basics.
Dairy is a two faced friend- you have always loved it and looked up to it, but without your knowledge its quite possibly the culprit behind many ailments that make you feel like shit.
Perhaps it's time to move on, broaden your taste buds and discover ways to eat that make you feel vibrant and alive.
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