Burn Fat with Vegetables and Fruit!

nutrition May 23, 2021


Its pretty amazing that the foods we eat have the ability to optimize our health. Choosing the right foods can assist you in reaching goals, can alleviate ailments and help maintain homeostasis.
For a well-balanced diet, you need to have plenty of fruits and veggies in addition to your lean protein and whole grains.
Luckily, they are not only low in fat and nutritious, but many of them actually help to burn more fat.
High Fiber Fruits
There are many fruits that are nutritious, and most of them contain vitamins and minerals that are good for overall health.
However, not all fruits are equal in terms of how well they burn fat and help you lose weight.
When you want to burn more fat with your fruit, look for ones that have a lot of fiber, as this is going to help fill you up, improve your digestion, plus burn more of your body fat.
To start with, have more apples.
These are low in sugar, high in flavour and high in fiber. 
You can also have your fill of berries, which are loaded with antioxidants and burn fat as well. These also happen to be low-carb approved, so if you are on a low carb diet, you can still enjoy them.
Go for strawberries and blueberries first, then raspberries and other types.
Avocadoes often get confused with being a vegetable, but they are actually fruit.
They also boost your metabolism and are a good healthy fat to enjoy.
Finally, add grapefruit to the list, which helps you to burn fat and has loads of vitamin C.
Nutrient Dense Vegetables
Now for the best fat burning vegetables.
You definitely want to add as many veggies to your diet as you can, opting for frozen or fresh whenever possible.
Try to avoid canned vegetables as they typically have a lot of sodium that you don’t want or need. 
The vegetables with the best fat burning abilities are those that contain the most nutrients.
To start with, try adding more chili peppers and bell peppers to your diet. They have a high amount of fiber and plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A.
Broccoli is also high in fiber and contains the same nutrients.
Kale is one of the best leafy greens to add to your diet, helping to burn fat and providing you with calcium, protein, and fiber.
Don’t forget about lentils, which are going to help improve your digestion and improve weight loss at the same time.
Luckily, all of these veggies are delicious and easy to add to your meals.
I see a lot of clients that aren't fond of vegetables, or they eat the same ones because they aren't sure how to cook and prepare ones they aren't familiar with.
Adding your favourite seasonings, and baking them in the oven so they are crispy is an appealing way to get out of the same vegetable rut and broaden your taste buds and your nutrients!
Comment below with your favourite tricks and tips that have you enjoying a variety of vegetables!

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