8 Ways to Maintain Your Health Over The Weekend

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It's the weekend again!  There is just something about weekends that has us going haywire sometimes!

We all know how it is- during the week you're precise, you have things on track, you are diligent with your choices and routine.  Then Friday night hits and you throw all your good choices out the window!

For some reason nothing is off the table because it's the weekend!

You start by having a Friday night treat of take out and then relax with a glass (or bottle) of wine and late night snacks.  Sound familiar?

The thing is if we don't reel it in, chances are the whole weekend is going to look like our Friday night "cheat" night.

What if I told you that the weekend is the perfect time to start (or stick to) good habits?!

Here are some of my favorite tips you can start to implement on the weekends so that you stop throwing all your good choices through the week out the window.

  1. Move your body!  Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good!  It also helps us keep a positive mindset!
  2. Stick to your regular sleep routine.  This is important because it helps your body maintain the timing of your circadian rhythm and this helps with your sleep cycle.
  3. Eat like its a weekday.  Don't save "yourself" for a dinner out, or a treat night- this leads to overeating and bingeing.
  4. Get outdoors!  Fresh air is so important for our body and our mind.  
  5. Limit your drinks- ideally a drink a day is a good rule of thumb- or 6 drinks total for the week.  I also recommend having a glass of water after an alcoholic drink to stay hydrated.
  6. Take some time on the weekend to plan and prep for the week ahead.  This will guarantee weekday success.
  7. Plan for relaxation and self care.  Make sure to set some time aside to re-energize and  recharge.
  8. Use a food journal.  This is a great tool to use as a roadmap. It's also proven that people who log their food are more likely to stick to their plan.

Remember weekends are made for fun, they are a time to unwind de-stress, and wash away all the baggage from your work week.

Enjoy your weekends, but don't let your weekend set you up for failure in the next week by leaving you feeling bloated, burnt out, and saddled with regrets or remorse.  

Life is about balance, and your weekend is the perfect place to find it!

Much love Mel :)

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