8 Reasons to Ditch Sugar

healthy living Mar 26, 2021

Sugar is delicious but its also very addictive.

If we consume too much sugar our body becomes inflamed.  Not to mention when excess sugar is consumed the extra insulin in your bloodstream can affect your arteries all over your body. A diet high in sugar also can lead to obesity, insulin resistance and this can end in Type 2 Diabetes.

So lets look at why a Sugar Detox is beneficial!

1.    Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose some weight then sugar detox is the best way to start with. It will provide you with the perfect kick start towards your weight loss goals and help you achieve them at a faster rate. So, start off with a sugar detox to get better outcomes with better energy.

2.    Elevated Energy

Another great benefit of the sugar detox is that your energy levels get elevated. This benefits helps you to work out twice as hard and longer for better results. Also, you become active and ready to move which helps in the overall weight loss goals as well as your health.

3.    Healthy Eating

Eating healthy food can help you in various ways and it is one of the greatest perks of a sugar detox. It can help you reduce weight and maintain a nice healthy lifestyle and eventually raise your energy level. So, include fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid eating junk food. This way, you will keep yourself safe from many diseases and make your immune system stronger as well.

4.    Avoid the Intake of Processed Foods

Minimizing the consumption of processed food is an essential step in sugar detox. Processed foods are linked to many health issues like heart diseases, obesity and diabetes. So, by avoiding these foods you indirectly avoid all these diseases which benefits you and your health in all the positive ways.

5.    Beneficial for whole Body Detox

Sugar detox triggers fat meltdown because the body is not receiving any sugar. So, a sugar detox is imperative to promote overall health of the body and liver detox is highly recommended too.

6.    Avoid Cravings

Sugar is scientifically proven to be addictive in nature. By going on with a sugar detox, you will prepare yourself to avoid these unnecessary cravings in return you will be able to avoid weight gain as well as related diseases.

7.    Save Money

Avoiding sugar is a great way to save some money as well. For instance, if you go out to eat you can totally save your money for the dessert. Also, the ice cream and chocolate cravings that cost you a pretty penny can totally be avoided and this is good for your wallet!

8.    Feel Satiated

Eating processed and sugary food makes you feel stuffed for some time. But as soon as a little time passes, you begin to feel hungry and craving for the processed food again. Starting on a sugar detox will help you to feel satiated for longer and you to avoid eating further which will be beneficial in more than one ways.

Doing a sugar detox will have you enjoying life, having more energy, feeling lighter, sleeping better and it jumpstarts your wellness.

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Mel xo

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