Melissa Weatherall Balanced-Wellness

The word "Balance" isn't in our name by chance. We believe that life is about balancing all the different demands and desires, and responsibilities we have. 

  • Work/Family/Play
  • Nutrition/Indulgence
  • Exercise/Rest

Life can be exhausting at times. Our holistic approach to life will give you real solutions to real problems that can be fixed in the real world. We look at all three pillars of health NUTRITION, EXERCISE, and MENTAL HEALTH as having equal roles to play in our lives. Things don't usually happen overnight, but that's ok because we will stick with you for the long haul. Our philosophy is based around life change, not fads, quick fixes, or magic. We encourage you to view our website, follow our social media and join our mailing list. 


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Melissa Weatherall RHNP is about about personal growth through knowledge. She believes that through nutrition, movement, mindset, and maintenance we can all open our world to endless possibilities.

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