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Private Coaching

There's only one you, let's make a plan that fits.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I look at more than just calories, and food. Achieving our health and life goals takes a much broader approach than a fad diet or exercise program. If you choose to work with me I'll look at your current situation, and show you step by step how to get where you want to be. We will use nutrition as a foundation, but movement, mindset, and support will all be required to get this done. Learn more about my private coaching through the link below. 


Your way, but never alone.

We have a variety of programs tailored to meet your personal needs. Need just a nudge, 4 Day Reboot, need a little more, try Balanced Basics. Need a total rebuild, or want to get it right the first time, Perfectly Balanced Reboot Master Class is for you. We have a variety of program lengths, prices, and specialties. All programs come with support groups, and are directed by

Melissa Weatherall RHNP

Balanced Wellness Accountability Group


Your best chance to make a real lasting difference  is when you do it with others.

Our Accountability Group comes with continued education, support, and peer interaction. You only fail when you quit, you wont quit when others are with you. Prepare to support and be supported, prepare to succeed at your own pace.


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