You Are What You Eat!

When you are trying to be the healthiest you can; I bet you think about the foods and drinks you consume. I know I do. As well as the quality of sleep I get each night and the amount of movement I provide my body are the indicators I consider when I think about my health.

Nutrition is the biggest impact we can make on our health. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of the foods we consume. The nutritional content in our food determines the make up or composition of our cells, our bone marrow, our blood and our hormones. We lose billions of cells every day to aging and we need to replace them.

So when we choose what foods to eat to not only fuel our bodies but to nurture them it’s a pretty big deal! This is where nutrient dense foods come in. Nutrient dense foods have a lot of nutrients but are low in calories. The choices should contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Eating nutrient dense foods is also a great way to feel vibrant and full of energy while maintaining our weight. These foods reduce cravings, our hunger is stabilized, we have a higher level of mental clarity and better focus. When we consume processed foods we slow down our digestion, our insulin spikes, and we experience dehydration from all of the sodium in those foods. It’s very taxing on our bodies, and we feel blah.

A great example of a nutrient dense food is eggs.

They provide protein, vitamins A,D, B2, B12 and folate, and the minerals biotin, choline and pantothenic acid. So they are a great choice for all that nutrition in proportion to the calories they have.

Below is a list of some of the most nutrient dense foods: Salmon Kale Seaweed Garlic Shellfish Potatoes Liver Sardines Blueberries Egg Yolks Watercress Beet Greens Brussel Sprouts Broccoli Spinach Swiss Chard Chinese Cabbage Dark Chocolate ​ All green, leafy vegetables are considered great choices for getting the most nutrition into our bodies.

Also when choosing these options Organic is the best choice, and this is because of the soil. Most soil is depleted of nutrients. Organic soil is ammended so that the nutrients are restored. When choosing your next meal or snack, think about how that particular food will help your body function. The grease of a burger does nothing but clog your arteries and make your body work harder to digest it! A salad full of ripe, fresh vegetables will keep your body fuelled and running optimally!

The saying is true…”You are what you eat”, quite literally.


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