The Day My Life Changed

It was August of 1999 ​ My life as I knew it was about to change.  I was scared, excited, anxious and I was full of wonder, hope and had so much love! My first son Aidan was born. To say his birth story was text book would be a lie.   We had a difficult journey that night, one that when it was over I swore I would never do again( of course my husband made a good argument as to why Aidan needed a sibling so we did have a second child , but thats a different story)!  The birth of Aidan was very difficult.   He got stuck, and after attempting the forceps, and the vacuum I had to have an emergency caesarian section.  The fun didn’t end there.  While the Dr was trying to un-wedge my baby boy, my cervix was sliced.  I lost a lot of blood and had to be put under to fix the damage.  During this time my brand new son wasn’t breathing; so the baby Dr worked diligently, and thankfully he took his first breath. That whole night is still a blur of mixed emotions.  To think that the story could have been so very different still haunts me. Fast forward to the year 2018.  My first born is 19 years old (Happy Birthday Aidan!!) and the next stage in our life is about to be so different I am unsure how to handle it.  He is an adult now and yet I still look at him with eyes of amazement that he's my baby boy. I can’t even explain the love a mother feels for her children.  Its intense.  Its so big that the world looks different.  As a Mother, I hope I have instilled all the best qualities in my children. I have loved with all of my heart and soul, taught the tough lessons, laughed at all the silly things and am his biggest cheerleader.  These things won’t change, in fact I will still be his biggest cheerleader in this next chapter of our lives.  I have to learn how to let go a bit.  He will be starting his own grand adventure, having his own trials and tribulations, his own successes and mistakes and I guess this is where we “set him free”. This stage in life is one I am not sure how to do.  I can’t imagine him not being home every day.  Aidan and I have learned from each other.  He taught me so much about myself, how to be the best Mom I could be, and he makes me want to be the best version of myself.  I often wonder if the bond we share is because of his birth story, he is my miracle baby. I cherish all the memories from his childhood, I wish we could turn back the clock to the times where his little feet would come running for snuggles!  As much as this new stage is scary and feels overwhelming I am excited for it.  Its been a blessing to be Aidan’s Mom and I look forward to watching my boy as he starts this journey. As I reflect on the past, and the present, I realize how we live our lives is so important.  The things we choose to nourish our bodies with, whether we make time for exercise, or if we are involved in clubs or teams.  All of these things keep us healthy in mind, body and soul.  I want to be as healthy as I can be so that I can not only be here to watch my children succeed in their lives, but to be vibrant and healthy to enjoy grandchildren. So I will keep focusing on my healthy life and listening to my body; it keeps me grounded, and I can't wait to see where the next years bring us. In happiness and health, Melissa



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