Strengthening Your Immune System

Fall is around the corner here in Ontario and that means warm socks, cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything and of course sickness.

This time of year I start doing all I can to stay healthy and to boost my immune system in order to fight off all of the nasty invaders. I like to put my holistic teachings to work! Here are my go to's on how to strengthen immune health and here is what I have found works for myself and my family.

It seems that the best defence we can use is nutrition.

Making sure we eat the rainbow, and have a large variety of fruits and vegetables, and 7-13 servings a day is so important to keep our bodies running optimally. I know getting that many servings in each and every day can be tricky, so adding greens to your daily smoothie, having salads with your meals and fruits as snacks or pulling out your juicer and making some fresh vegetable juices are some great ways to do it. I also take a whole food capsule every day that bridges the gap from what I eat and what I should be eating. ​ Staying away from sugar is super important.  Sugar causes such havoc in our bodies.  If we consume too much sugar it can cause bad bacteria to rise which will cause an imbalance in the body.  Taking a probiotic is essential! Probiotics are good bacteria that help us digest nutrients that will help balance out the bad bacteria and they also support our immune health.  Along with probiotic capsules, I have been drinking Kombucha which is a fermented beverage and its health benefits include digestive support, increased energy and detoxification.   Other fermented foods you can include are Kimchi; this is fermented cabbage, carrots, radishes, scallions, garlic and ginger. I like to add it as a side on my plates.  Kefir is another great fermented food and you can use this instead of yogurt.  I would suggest buying Organic if you decide to have dairy. Also just plain sauerkraut is a great fermented choice!

I don't stop there!  When I feel a cold starting I get out the Oil of Oregano and  faithfully take it a few times a day.  Oil of Oregano has antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungalproperties so its a powerful herbal oil that can help fight off infections.  It doesn’t taste the best but its benefits out weigh the bad taste.  I also strongly reccomend Deep Immune by St. Francis Herb.  Its formulated with potent adaptogens and it enhances  the vitality of all your bodily systems and organs.   Other supplements I add to my daily regime this time of year are Vitamin C with BioFlavonoids, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. On top of all of this; getting exercise and adequate sleep is imperative.  Who knew that immune health has so many key factors!?

I haven't had a cold or any sickness in over a year and believe me I am thrilled! Its my hope that all of these natural remedies will keep you healthy and vibrant so you can enjoy the crisp outdoors this season.


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