I'm Not Perfect- But I am Me!

It seems our community, our country, and even our world people are more divided than ever. Check into your favorite news channel, social media platform or even just sit long enough in a local coffee shop and you will hear about angry people not happy with other angry people. The argument could be made that the world isn’t truly in a state of disagreement any greater than any other point in history. The internet has given us the ability to share knowledge, information, ideas, and beliefs instantly with the rest of the world, is it really a new thing that some people aren’t interested in picking up what others are putting down? Perhaps we just weren’t bothered by the viewpoints of others when they weren’t so in our face the way they are today, although in fairness we are the ones who tend to put them there of our own free will.

It has always been my belief that people are fundamentally all the same. I believe that we all want the same things no matter how different we appear to be. Politics is an incredibly divisive topic and it would appear the left, and the right come from different planets at times. My belief is that no matter how diametrically opposed to each other these sides might appear to be, both in their core want the same thing.

I have broken it down to three “core desires”. I believe no matter where you were born, your religion, sexual orientation etc. we all desire these three things. The first is the be happy. Everyone wants to wake up in the morning and feel that they have a reasonable chance that today will be a good day with good experiences. The second is to be healthy. Once you have the belief that today has a chance to be a good day you want some hope that there will be more days like this, the better your health the better your odds and the more chances you will get through living a longer life. The third thing is love. If we believe that today has a chance to be a good day, and we have the health to have many days like today we will want to love, and to be loved so that these days are not spent alone. If you think about it I am convinced that you’ll not find a single living human being no matter how terrible their circumstance who does not desire these three fundamental things. Where people differ is in their beliefs of how we can achieve these three fundamentals.

If we can teach our minds to understand that no matter how angry we feel like getting when we hear what some people think, their end goal is no different than ours, they simply see a different road to getting there. Whatever your goals, however you choose to go about reaching those goals remember that there are many ways to the same end. We don’t need to find “the right way”, we need to find “our way”.

When it comes to our health, nutrition, and lifestyles we have endless options for the newest diet or exercise craze. We have friends and family sharing passionate stories of their own personal discoveries. We have medical professionals with solutions in a bottle, and some not so professionals… selling the newest 100% guarantee at 40% off for a limited time only. We expect perfection, but do you ever feel less than perfect? I know I certainly do, and my suspicion is that every sane minded person in the world feels less than perfect. I’m not even sure how to define “perfect”. I mean getting 100% on a test is considered perfect, but life isn’t a binary yes/no right/wrong experience. Life is more of a better, or worse type of experience as in that could have went better, but it also could have been worse. Simply living is an extremely complex process with all sorts of biological and environmental influences all coming together to form the foundation for our physical and emotional health. Each of us is unique in our physical form, our health and our happiness. The types of inputs that are coming into our life are equally unique, no two of us share the same life.

We don’t need to be perfect. We might actually be overlooking how close to perfect things are because our thoughts are always over the fence to the other side rather than the here and now. I’m not perfect. I’m not the most athletic, intelligent, or in perfect health. I do see the great things I have in my life, and I see the opportunities I have to build a better life. I’m ok with getting it wrong from time to time, bad days make the good ones feel better. I don’t need to agree with everyone, I’m ok that people see things differently, and do things differently, we all want the same things, to be happy, the be healthy, to love and to be loved. I know that I’m not perfect, but I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to be me.

If you take the time to think about it, I hope you’ll find that you’re ok with being you.

Timothy Weatherall



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