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One of my personal life missions is to discover places, activities, and people that light up the world, but aren't fully appreciated by the masses of society. How many times have we unknowingly passed by a beautiful waterfall, a gorgeous lookout point, or exquisite dining with fresh foods that melt in your mouth? These wonders might sit just over a hill, on the other side of some trees, or just a short walk down a road or path, but somehow they remain hidden from most. It's really impossible to know, so Melissa and I have decided to uncover and share some of these hidden gems with you.

If you've ever headed north through Owen Sound then you've no doubt become familiar with the scenic route taken by highway 26 north along the water front past Meaford, then twisting west over hills and through valleys until you reach Owen Sound. Typically we make our way through the congested downtown core until we exit the city and head toward the famous town of Wiarton. So many times we did this unaware that only about fifteen seconds off the main highway is a real hidden gem for those who love fresh food that is as delicious as it is healthy. It's called The European Bakery Cafe, and after thirty years in business it's certainly no secret to those living in the area.

We first discovered this The European Bakery Cafe when a family member told us they made the best flax bread anywhere! A bold claim, but this little shop has lived up to the hype. After making a quick stop for the bread each time we passed we finally decided to stop for lunch. What we found was a great atmosphere, comfortable seating, friendly staff, and an incredible overall experience. On their website it reads:

"Our mission to provide gourmet sandwiches the old fashioned way – like mom use to make. Generous portions using local ingredients, and fresh in house baked breads. We recognize the need to be environmentally conscious, at the same time provide wholesome food."

Well mission accomplished! And if great taste, an excellent range of choices, and a calming environment aren't enough to sell you on this place, then the generous portions and very reasonable pricing will surely convince you to add this place to your personal gem list. We love that many of the ingredients are prepared fresh onsite, and local sourcing is a priority. On our last visit July 13th 2020 Covid-19 was still limiting seating and service,but a wonderful outdoor covered patio had been set up and our experience was just like past visits. I normally take advantage of the all day breakfast menu, touted as the best in town, I'd say they are a bit modest as it might be the best in any town. On this day I was feeling like my can't go wrong Chicken Ceaser wrap would do the trick, Melissa had her favourite dish the Club sandwich. Both meals were delicious and left us fully satiated. If you do happen to get that feeling like you might want a snack for the road check out the baked snacks before you leave.

I grabbed a couple of photos off Google to go along with our personal lunch picture.

Visit The European Bakery Cafe website, for more information on their menu and services.



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