Are they with you or against you? Habits, the little things that make the big difference.

Do you feel like your physical or emotional health is falling behind these days? Have you created some big health-related goals you are having trouble reaching? If so, it is time to form some healthy habits. Your habits should always be formed before setting goals, as this is exactly what is going to help achieve those goals.

When you are busy creating new habits to improve your life, remember that you can have a new habit for each area of your life. You don’t have to be restricted to just healthy habits or just regular daily habits. There are many different types of habits that will benefit you greatly.

Before creating your first new habit, think of where in your life you are falling behind. This doesn’t mean you are a failure! It's just an area of your life where you don’t focus as much attention as the other areas of your life. Most people have at least one. This might mean you work hard, but neglect your health. Or you eat very healthy, but you have trouble saving money. Maybe you don’t get enough sleep because you are always distracted at night.

This can tell you what areas need improving first before moving on to other habits.

Another way to figure out where your new habits should start is based on what you tend to complain about. Think about the last time you complained to someone or yourself about what isn’t going your way, or what isn’t working in your life. Do you complain that you are always late to work? What about the fact that your bills are late, or your clothes don’t fit? Are you frustrated because you never have enough time to get everything done? These are good signs of where your habits should start.

Remember if you come up with a list of new habits to form in your life, you still want to focus on just one at a time. Even if you have 5 small habits all for the same end result, fix one of them before moving on to the next.

How do you know it is time to develop a new habit? When the last one you created is something you don’t even have to think about anymore. That is when you know you are ready for the next habit.

They aren’t always something you constantly think about. It might be your cup of coffee in the morning or the way you drive to work. What you want to do now is create new habits that will further improve your health and your life!

Forming new habits is a wonderful way to improve your life, reach your goals, and have the motivation and momentum to accomplish anything you want. Tracking is a big part of habits, as well as understanding exactly what is expected of you. This is where using a journal can come in handy.

The first way a journal is going to help you is during the beginning stages when you are deciding on the habits you want to form in your life. You can start by talking about where in your life you want to improve, or some goals you have. Maybe you come up with a few different daily habits you feel would get you closer to your goals, starting just one at a time.

Journaling before you set your habits can also help you to work out the details. You know which ones to start with, what the daily habit and schedule should be, and how it can fit into your current lifestyle.

You will also have some habits that are related to goals you have set for yourself. These habits help you to complete tasks required for your goals, all of which can be tracked right there in your journal. It makes it a lot easier to see how things are progressing and see that you are working toward a goal. This can create a feeling of accomplishment, clarity, and awareness about how hard you are working toward something.

Naturally, your journal will also be used to track your new habits. Remember to include the start date, what the habit is, why you are doing it, and track each day, including if you kept up with that new habit, and how it is going!

If you feel like your habit isn’t quite giving you the results you wanted, don’t quit it just yet. Use your journal to really work out what has been going on and where you think it might be going wrong. Sometimes, it is because you were not consistent with it or not working hard enough on the new habit. In other ways, there is just one small detail about it that needs to be changed. Journaling is going to help with this from the time when you create your habits, throughout the entire tracking process!

Here are some healthy habits you can start doing today that will make a big difference in your overall health and wellness!

The first habit that is important is Water!

Drink more water! This is such a simple one-yet so difficult for some people too! Water is crucial for overall wellness. It relieves fatigue, improves your mood, helps with digestion and elimination. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces or at least 2 litres minimum a day. Remember if you are drinking caffeinated beverages to replace each one with a glass of water because caffeine can dehydrate you, the same with if you are sweating during a workout you need to replace the liquid lost!

The second habit I am going to mention is "Movement" or exercise.

If you are having trouble fitting exercise into your busy schedule, try adding it early in the morning. Yes, waking up earlier is going to be an adjustment, but you will appreciate it for the rest of the day. You are getting your workout done and out of the way early in the morning, it will boost your energy, and make you feel happier and more confident.

Next let's talk about Sleep!

This is a habit many people neglect, assuming it’s not important. But sleep is much more than just not feeling tired the next day. Sleep is absolutely essential for your health and well being. It is needed to reduce stress, feel energized, have proper focus and concentration, manage your weight and physical health, keep your cardiovascular health in check, and so much more. If you can only start one habit, it should be a better sleep routine, so you are getting better quality sleep.

And finally let's talk about Nutrition!

So many of us eat too many processed things- and some things you can't even call real food!

Eating more fruits and vegetables, lean meats such as poultry and fish, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds is key to a healthy body and mind.

Eliminating or reducing processed/packaged things as well as starchy white sugary foods is ideal.

If habits are your struggle, and you feel like you need some help look into my accountability group. we have an entire course dedicated to habits and a system designed to make you the next habit master!



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