A Loaded Smoothie

Updated: May 21, 2019

I have a confession to make! I love chocolate!  I know I can't be the only one!  What makes it even better is when I add peanut butter to my chocolate!  Being a Nutritionist I am consciously aware of what I nourish my body with so I have found healthy ways to have this yummy indulgence! ​And I am going to share the recipe for my most favourite Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie!  Whenever I get hit with needing a chocolate fix this is my go to!

I start with a non dairy base.  I like Coconut/Almond Milk blend or Cashew milk.   I add in 3 ice cubes.  Sometimes I add spinach to get in some greens!  Spinach is a perfect food.  It helps to regulate blood pressure, boosts the immune system and even supports bone health.  Its rich in beta carotene-think antioxidants!!, folic acid, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium!  Whoa right?!

I also like to use Chia Seeds.  These little seeds are amazing! They are full of Omega 3 fats which help to lower inflammation, and keep our brains and cardiovascular systems healthy.  They balance blood sugar and cravings because they contain lots of fibre! And whats even better is that digestible fibre slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream which keeps us full longer!  Oh and  hey did I mention that Chia seeds are a complete protein!! They are high in tryptophan the precursor of serotonin and melatonin the sleep hormone!  They are definitely a superfood! 

📷Sometimes I will add in half a banana too.  Bananas are anti-fungal.  They contain pectin which helps ulcers, lowers cholesterol and removes toxic metals from the body!  They have even been considered a natural antibiotic.   They contain potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B6, tryptophan and vitamin C. Obviously I add in nut butter too!  Chocolate and peanut butter or almond butter tastes amazing together.  I always choose a nut butter that has 1 ingredient!  Read your labels carefully.  All you need is peanuts, or almonds, or cashews etc.  No other ingredients are necessary.  There are many unhealthy nut butters on the market that have added fats and sugars.   Collagen is another superfood that I like to add to my smoothies.  I always choose a grass fed source like Organika or Vital Proteins.  Did you know that Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body? Its in our muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage and ligaments.  It helps to protect our organs, promotes elasticity to our skin and holds together our bones and muscles.  Our body does produce collagen but as we age this process slows down.   My smoothie wouldn't be complete without the chocolate!!  I add in Chocolate protein powder.  I use Genuine Healths Fermented line.  Its easier to digest and there is no bloating because its been broken down.

So there you have it!  My most favourite smoothie!  Its important to change up what we eat regularly because if we eat the same things all the time we are getting the same nutrients...but I admit this is my down fall.  My day doesn't  feel complete if I don't have this smoothie! Let me know if you have had this smoothie before or if you decide to try it!



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