My Philosophy

In order to have Balanced Wellness we need to look at all areas of your life. Your MIND, BODY, SOUL.
Holistic nutrition is much more than what you eat; but rest assured there will be food too, whole nutrient dense food that still tastes amazing!
Holistic means  "whole".  And as such I will focus on all aspects of you as a "whole" individual. As a Holistic Nutritionist I believe in a whole body approach to health.   Your mind, body, soul, or your physical state, emotional state and your spiritual state. Every person is unique and individual.  There isn't a "one size fits all" approach.  It is my goal to help you achieve balanced wellness from head to toe, so you can attain your optimal health and wellness.  Every day our bodies strive to maintain a state of homeostasis or BALANCED WELLNESS and everything from our PH level, our blood sugar levels and our internal temperature has an ideal range that allows our bodies to function optimally.  When our body is unable to maintain this state of BALANCED WELLNESS we will begin to experience  negative issues with our health and well being.

I will teach you that learning to support your body by making changes in your lifestyle choices can have profound and lasting effects on the quality of your life by increasing energy, getting quality sleep, enhancing immunity, promoting natural weight loss, balancing hormones and reducing chronic health concerns.  This isn't about quick-fixes, fad diets, deprivation or willpower. It’s about making simple, sustainable, permanent changes based on your individual needs, health history, personal goals and learning how to support your body using nutrition and positive lifestyle choices. 

​ Each one of us needs to become self advocates in our own health journey.  Our nutrition, our lifestyle and our spiritual needs should be our top priority.  When we take care of our bodies and our minds by properly nourishing and supporting them its AMAZING what our body can do and how our life improves. We can heal ourselves, provide longevity in our bodies and minds and we will age with grace.

Some of the first questions I will ask are:
*Do you experience stress?  If so how do you deal with it?
*How do you feel?
*How well do you sleep?
*How often do you move with intention?
*Would you define yourself as a positive person? 

I don't believe in restrictive diets, or labour intensive meal plans that take hours to prepare. I want you to enjoy life without feeling deprived and I like to keep things simple.  We have one life and its meant to be enjoyed, so with a good dose of "Balanced Wellness" you will feel amazing and live your best life! 

What is Holistic Nutrition? And what is it that you do?


1. characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

​Source: Google Dictionary

Let me first start by saying that its important when choosing a nutritionist to make sure you find one that is registered.  This can be either a "Certified Nutritional Practioner" (CNP) or a "Registered Holistic Nutritionist"(RHNP).  This is because a registered nutritionist is governed by a professional organization that is there to protect YOU, the client.  They make sure the individual that you have chosen to work with has received a quality education.  RHNP's have over 2000 hours of in depth training in holistic nutrition, and every year we are committed to continuing education in order to maintain our registry status.  

There are many benefits that holistic health and nutrition can bring to your life, and because each plan is individualized everyone can benefit from different areas of Holistic wellness.
Some benefits include: 
*Improved sleep quality
*Decreased stress
*More energy and metal clarity
*Improved digestion
*Decreased cravings
*Weight loss
*Stronger immune health
*Balanced hormones
*Disease prevention
*Digestive health
*Safe Detox
*Decreased inflammation 
*Stabilize blood sugar

I will work with you to create a plan that will help you reach your health goals but also help to create balanced wellness in your life.  Its not in my scope of practice to diagnose, treat or prescribe medications for illness and disease, but I will provide education, resources to quality supplements and other materials and I will provide the support you require for you to see lasting positive results in your health and overall wellness.
Remember that my advice and expertise is only as good as the person who follows it.  I can map out a plan specifically for what your needs are but you have to do the work!

I will be your biggest cheerleader but I am not your boss.  YOU must take the steps to create the change you need!
I look forward to helping you reach YOUR optimal health and well being!

​“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”
— Kevin Trudeau

Are my services covered by Insurance Companies?

​As the demand for Holistic Nutrition is increasing you will find that more and more Insurance Companies cover nutrition services.  I recommend that you check with your insurance company to see if its an accepted service. Those with Healthcare Spending accounts can also inquire about using this as a method of payment. 


The content found within this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.  You are encouraged to consult your physician or health care provider.



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