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I help busy women lose weight, gain energy and vitality by teaching that its OK to enjoy foods like pizza on Saturday nights without counting points or calories and still lead a life full of joy and fulfillment without guilt!
I'm Melissa Weatherall,
I studied at "Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition" and graduated from their two year Advanced Holistic Nutrition program in June 2018. I am registered, insured and practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist.  I see people anywhere virtually and also in person at my home office.  

My health journey started more than a decade ago.  I always thought I was relatively healthy growing up, when I got married and things started to slide I thought it was just a temporary stage.  Boy was I wrong!  It didn't become clear to me how unhealthy I was until I became unwell.  It just hit me one day.  I was extremely tired, my body ached, all I wanted to do was sleep.  But I couldn't sleep.  When I laid down and tried to let my body get into the restful state I would feel like I had bugs crawling all over my skin, my legs became restless, my body ached everywhere.  I knew I needed to figure out what was wrong.

I started my search into what was ailing me, I went to my GP Doctor.  I searched farther and went to a Naturopath Doctor.  I found out that my body was literally depleted of iron. I needed to make some major changes in my life!  
A few months of taking an iron capsule and eating better, by this I mean eating 3 meals a day and trying to cut out sweets, I would often skip meals or not eat enough.  

I was beginning to feel somewhat normal again. The bug crawling sensation lessened and I wasn't as tired.  I started nourishing my body with the right foods and within a month I was sleeping restfully, and was able to sleep an entire night through.  I had tons of energy.  I felt incredible!  I no longer had any of the ailments I had been suffering with.  This truly opened my eyes to what nutrition does for us.  

What we put into our bodies is literally what we fuel our bodies with, what our cells are made of, and how our body functions.  I was so blown away!  How simple it is to feel amazing, just by consuming the right foods!  It was then that I needed to know more.  I wanted to learn everything I could about nutrition, and how it heals us, keeps us healthy and how it keeps our bodies running efficiently.

That is where my story started, and I continue to learn what my body needs as its always changing.  I am excited to help others live their best lives and find their optimal health and Balanced Wellness.  Its an individual journey that is different for everyone. But its never too late to feel the way we are meant to feel.  
Much Love, 
Mel xo
My Wellness Story.
Melissa's Story


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